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Youth Outreach Programs at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law

Stuart Bollefer

Stuart Bollefer has served as senior tax partner at Aird and Berlis, LLP, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, for almost two decades. Also the chair of the firm’s Wealth Management and Succession Planning Group, Stuart Bollefer holds a law degree from the University of Toronto Faculty of Law.

The Faculty of Law offers a number of youth outreach programs, including the following.
- Law in Action Within Schools (LAWS). The LAWS program introduces high school students from underprivileged backgrounds to law and the justice system. The program aims to help these students excel in high school so they can access a postsecondary education leading to a law career.
- Law School Access Program (LSAP). Through LSAP, the University of Toronto Faculty of Law helps undergraduate and recently graduated students from low-income households prepare for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).
- Indigenous Youth Summer Program. Through the Indigenous Youth Summer Program, the Faculty of Law welcomes indigenous high school students throughout Canada to its campus to study Canadian law as well as legal traditions from the indigenous community.

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